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24 May

Celebrating the Class of 2024: A New Generation of Leaders and Innovators

Rome, Italy – As St. Stephen’s School proudly ushers in its 60th anniversary, we also celebrate the remarkable achievements and promising futures of the Class of 2024. This dynamic group of students has not only excelled academically but also embodied the school’s core values of integrity, creativity, and global citizenship.

06 June

For the Class of 2024, a Journey of Resilience and Achievement

As the school year draws to a close, we reflect on the remarkable journey of the Class of 2024. This group of students has navigated their academic path with an exceptional blend of resilience, dedication, and growth, making their achievements all the more impressive.

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03 June

The Founding of St. Stephen’s: A Legacy of Excellence

Rome, Italy – In the vibrant landscape of 1960s Rome, a group of visionary educators embarked on a journey that would reshape the educational landscape. Reverend Dr. John O. Patterson, former headmaster of the Kent School in Connecticut, joined forces with three esteemed colleagues to establish a pioneering non-profit educational institution in the heart of Italy.

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03 June

St. Stephen's School Sets Sail for the Future: Charting a Course with Strategic and Master Plans

As St. Stephen's prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2024, the winds of change are carrying a spirit of innovation. Nestled in the heart of Rome and steeped in history, the school is charting a bold course for the future. Building on its legacy of academic excellence, St. Stephen's is unveiling a comprehensive roadmap, a blend of strategic vision and practical implementation, that promises to propel the school to new heights.

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60th Anniversary Weekend

Student Life

Rome's Streetwear Renaissance: Inside the World of TAO and Its Visionary Founder, Thaddeus von Vacano ‘26

Rome, Italy – We recently caught up with Thaddeus von Vacano, the creative force behind TAO streetwear, to delve into the brand's origins, mission, and the journey of its founder, a St. Stephen's rising senior on a mission to revolutionize fashion in Rome.


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