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Fostering a Community of Lifelong Learners with a Global Perspective
St. Stephen's School is dedicated to the pursuit of teaching and learning, which lies at the heart of our mission to nurture the character and unlock the potential of every student.

Drawing inspiration from the past, we embrace a passion for knowledge, offering intellectually stimulating opportunities that enrich the educational journey. Students choose St. Stephen's because they are driven high achievers seeking to make their mark academically and distinguish themselves in their scholarly pursuits. At the core of our academic experience lies the International Baccalaureate and a liberal arts foundation. This combination empowers students with the autonomy to take ownership of their educational choices, fostering a sense of independence and self-directed learning.

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Bosco - Day
Bosco - Day
IB Program
IB Program
Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning
Alice - Student Profile
Alice - Student Profile
Achieving Excellence
Fulfilling the American High School Diploma Requirements

The four-year program of studies leading to the American High School Diploma balances a broad exposure to the six major academic disciplines (English, Modern and Classical Languages, Mathematics, Experimental Science, Humanities, and the Arts) while encouraging students to pursue in-depth study in areas of personal interest through a choice of electives.

Each student is expected to carry at least 5 full-time courses each year:

  • English (4)
  • Modern Languages (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Experimental Science (3)
  • Mathematics (3)
  • Electives (2)
  • Arts (1)
Pathway to Graduation at Italy’s First IB School

In 1975, St. Stephen's School proudly became the first educational institution in Italy to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. In recent years, the School has celebrated extraordinary achievements, with six students attaining perfect scores of 45 points, marking the highest IB scores in our school's history. As an integral part of the IB World School community, the International Baccalaureate has empowered St. Stephen's graduates to pursue knowledge and strive for excellence at prestigious colleges and universities worldwide.

Structure and Scope of St. Stephen's IB Courses

At St. Stephen's, the IB Diploma Programme serves as a comprehensive two-year curriculum for students in 11th and 12th grades, seamlessly continuing the international education we provide in grades 9 and 10. Students engage in six distinct subjects representing various academic disciplines. They choose one subject from each specialized group.


  • First Language (English as a first language is required; Italian and French are optional as first languages)
  • Second Language
  • Individuals and Societies (broadly construed as social sciences and humanities)
  • Experimental Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

The six compulsory classes are complemented by three cross-curricular structured programs: Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Creativity-Action-Service (CAS), and the Extended Essay, which provide a holistic framework that nurtures critical thinking, fosters creativity, and encourages active engagement within and beyond the classroom.

The two-year Diploma Programme culminates in final examinations at the end of Year 12, with some students choosing to "anticipate" one or two exams in Year 11, demonstrating their advanced proficiency.

For additional reading about the International Baccalaureate Programme at St Stephen’s, please refer to the following resources.


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