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The Hub of Creativity
St. Stephen’s iLab
Digital literacy encompasses our understanding of how the digital world works, learning these new literacies, and becoming fluent in the languages and functions of the electronic world. At St. Stephen’s, the Innovation Lab or iLab allows students to explore new technologies and equipment as consumers, but most importantly will enable them to become creators and thus improves their digital literacy.

Since 2013, the iLab has grown quickly. Students can learn to design, program, build and compete in robotics using EV3 Lego Mindstorm or Tetrix Java-based robots. Artists use Wacom tablets to design in 2D and digitally cut paper, vinyl, cardboard, cloth, leather, balsa wood, or foam core to assemble various products and models.  3D design is explored via Google Sketchup, AutoDesk’s Fusion 360 or Inventor programs, and Unity, widely used for creating animations and augmented and virtual reality.
The iLab also houses several 3D printers and a small vacuum press for prototyping and mold making. Students can learn to create and program a myriad of problem-solving devices using Arduino, and a variety of drones, photographic and video equipment, and small robots such as Sphero are available to explore and program.

Through the iLab’s HTC Vive and portable Oculus Go virtual reality equipment, community members can explore virtual reality experiences and learn to make their own Virtual and Augmented Reality applications using iLab programs and specialized cameras. With Cozmo programmable robots, IBM Watson to construct chatbots, and Google’s BigQuery for large-set data analysis, students will begin to learn about creating and using Artificial Intelligence.

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