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True Passion

Truepassion is a networking society spread across various countries in Europe and the U.S. whose primary aim is to connect young and growing artists from around the world through common projects that they sponsor for their network. The brand was launched in July 2017 by alums Edoardo Pariante ’14 and Oliver Coffa ’15 with three other friends. Within a matter of weeks, the network of artists working with the brand grew to about 50 and the online community broke 5000 followers.

The brand has grown to become something much more than what they imagined it to be. They were initially searching for talent to promote and instead they ended up creating and giving voice to an international community of young artists from various art forms. Although many of their artists benefit economically from their work, their main objective is towards their networking ability and drive, given that all of the members of their team are still attending university.

So far, they have launched several projects: a clothing line and several music videos and productions, as well as a live event in Hackney, London where they featured several of their artists performing and promoted sales of their clothing. Truepassion has also had a stream of several events, including B2B events for larger companies, where they supplied unique merchandise. Recently, they launched a clothing line, where their team of designers were able to adapt drawings ranging from graffiti and tattoo designs, to handmade watercolour drawings. Their clothes and online presence tell the stories of all the artists with whom they have collaborated and supported.

The result of their network is a collection which transcends the boundaries of countries and reaches out to the true passions of young individuals around the world.

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