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At St. Stephen’s School, we believe that affordability starts with comprehensive tuition, which supports all essential school programs, and a financial aid model to meet the additional needs of a family.

In keeping with this mission, tuition for day students in the 2024-2025 school year is Euro 30,495 and Euro 50,948 for boarding students.

Basic Fees for 2024-2025
Date Event
TUITION FEE Euro 30,495
BOARDING FEE Euro 20,453
CAPITAL ASSESSMENT FEE - New Students Euro 2,500
CAPITAL ASSESSMENT FEE - Returning Students Euro 800

Please note that a 2% fee will be charged on credit card payments.

A non-refundable 5,000 Euro deposit is due at the time of enrollment for day students and a 7,500 Euro deposit for boarding students.

A non-refundable 2,500 Euro deposit is due at the time of re-enrollment for all students.

Additional Fees
  • Euro 1000 – IB candidates are charged for an IB administration fee, billed in November of the first and second years of the Diploma Program. For students registering for IB certificates only, this fee is pro-rated according to the number of examinations taken. The fee is not refundable for Diploma candidates who change IB registration category after the initial registration deadline. In early November, the school assesses and processes IB examination fees according to the number of individual examinations being taken in any given session.
  • Euro 500 – Senior fee to cover the costs of graduation, final transcripts, and college admissions procedures.
  • Euro 100 – Damage deposit will be required of all boarders at the time of registration. This amount will be refunded at the end of the academic year minus any cost for damage to the room and its contents.
  • Euro 300 – an initial deposit is strongly recommended by the Boarding department to be left by parents to establish a Supply and Expense Account with the school. The student can draw money to cover allowance and expenses such as medical and dental bills, telephone, postage, etc. 

St. Stephen’s reserves the right to request prepayment of tuition and boarding fees as well as incidental costs by 1 July preceding the start of the next academic year or at the point of enrolment or re-enrollment. We will do so only in exceptional instances, and we will do so at our sole discretion. We will not enter into correspondence on such matters. We believe that this measure is in the interest of the students, who require stability and certainty with regard to their schooling. This stability and certainty can be impacted severely if fees cannot be paid in good time or at all, potentially necessitating the withdrawal of a student from school.  

While tuition covers the basic cost of a St. Stephen's education, like all not-for-profit schools, we rely on the generous financial support of all our families during our various fundraising campaigns to provide the additional extras that round out the St. Stephen's educational experience for all our students.


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